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Torch-110 Firm – Divergence Core – Duo-Tech € 180,00 -30% = € 126
Torch-110 XFirm – Divergence Core – Duo-Tech € 180,00 -30% = € 126
Torch-110 XXFirm – Divergence Core – Duo-Tech € 180,00 -30% = € 126


TORCH, Piper’s dedicated track-road wheel. Specializing in all the details, leaving nothing to chance. Our first priority is delivering consistent, Ultra-high performance competition wheels for track and road racing. 

We have listened to our customers around the world…Torch affords skaters of all levels one wheel for both track and road. Piper’s new Divergent core is designed to have stable flex-return to enhance steerability or some like to say ease of skating.  Divergent is made with reinforced engineered thermoplastic content that provides responsive handling and steerability not available in our previous track wheels. Also has Duo Technology in the central engine that separates us from others. For more information on DUO-Tech click here.


  • DUO-TECH: 2-n-1 (Two wheels in one)
  • Casted with supercharged soft urethane
  • Divergent core: flex-return, enhances steerability and easy of skating
  • Super-G Thane Tire Formula: Magnifies energy & longevity
  • Sold as – Each / 4pk / case
  • Packaging – Four packs (Wheels may arrive without packaging, depending on purchase quantity)
  • Size: 110 Divergent 74mm / speed profile

Inside The Engine

  • Built from the inside with new Supercharged Duo-Tech that acts as a central engine for high speed
  •  Largest band in the industry
  • Thin outer layer increases compression for load and explode energy
  • Core, the engine, and tire all fused together like one piece