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Rollerblade Twister Edge X

€ 259 – 30% = € 195

Rollerblade Twister Edge X changes the game with a new design, fit and level of versatility to continue its reign as the benchmark skate in the industry. The boot and liner work together to create a superior anatomical fit and additional comfort with its memory latex padding. The sole features an Anti-Torsion Box to increase the control and stiffness for better handling and performance. Hydrogen wheels, made in the USA, are made of the highest quality urethane for optimal roll, wear, and grip.

Rollerblade team riders wanted the ultimate skate with lateral support, ventilation, durability, shock absorption and performance features so they helped to create this skate so you can too. Twister Edge X is one of the most compelling combinations of fit, support, and maneuverability. The brake comes in the box.


  • Shell: TWISTER, V-CUT Cuff, Vented, Lateral Slider
  • Closures: Cuff Locking Buckle, 45° Buckle, Laces (Extra laces included in the box)
  • Liners: High-Performance First Fit V-CUT Liner, Specialized Footbed, Schock Absorber
  • Frame: New Extruded ALU (max 4x80mm) 243mm (36.5-44EU) and 255mm (44.5EU and up), Laterally Adjustable
  • Frame Mount: 165mm
  • Wheels: HYDROGEN 4x80mm / 85A, MADE IN USA
  • Bearings: Twincam ILQ-9 CLASSIC PLUS