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DOUBLEff wheels XP Material

Coming soon: the wheels (XP material) are for long distance as well for road as for vesmaco.
You can recognize the wheels as they have a grey/blue print.
The wheels come in festa plus hubs (74 mm hub – 12 spokes)  for 110 mm because they will be special for the long distances. We will have them in Q3=87a and Q5=89a.
Also in 100 mm we will have them in Q3=87a and Q5=89a.
In 125 mm we will have the TLTF wheels with the Bugatti insert (91mm), a very light wheel for the a good road circuit. The hardness is 86a.
Also comes a 125 mm wheel with the blade insert (87mm) a very good all round wheel. The hardness is 87a.
All the wheels are double poured (with two layers material).
The inner material is soft and the outer hard.
The advantage of the double pour is that you can push harder and the wheels have a better grip and rebound.